Company Recruiting: Missing out by not using Skype

Company Recruiting: Missing out by not using Skype

I’ve had a couple of experiences with Skype and found it to be very rewarding so I wanted to share the experience and get some feedback from you. One was with a recruiter and one with a VP of a firm.

Here’s how Skype can make a difference in your company’s recruitment effort.

First, it’s a much warmer experience between parties. It’s a much closer relationship by seeing body language and facial expressions.

Second, if there were only a phone interview scheduled, how do you know the candidate hasn’t got that python tattoo up to their neck?

Third, if the candidate has a piece of reference material they can show it during the Skype session. You can’t do that in a phone interview.

Fourth, it saves the candidate money. I had recently submitted my resume through a recruiter for a Marketing Manager position. The original job requirement was very “vanilla” without much “meat and potatoes” so to speak [a future blog topic]. So, I got a call back from the recruiter on a Monday morning that he might be able to get me an interview. I really don’t put too much faith in that until a concrete date and time are arranged.

Fortunately, I monitor my email via my BlackBerry all day long. About 3:30 PM I received an email from the recruiter’s office (not a phone call and not the same contact I originally spoke with), advising me that I had two date options that week for a face-to-face interview. Well, here’s the rub – my options were either Tuesday or Wednesday for a F2F interview in Herdon, VA. Now, I live in Central New Jersey and I had a couple of other items possibly scheduled for the week. So, I chose Tuesday and left my house at 7:40 AM for a 2:00 PM appointment in Herdon, VA. I had to spend $131 in gas and tolls for the trip. None of that was reimbursed or even offered for reimbursement.

I get to the office and first meet with the hiring manager. Within 10 minutes, she says to me that I’m overqualified for the position. I actually know why she didn’t see that from my resume and I’m going to address the job description issue in another blog. The bottom line is that the opportunity was for a major communications company. So I’m hard pressed to understand why they didn’t consider Skype as an alternative in the first place.

Fifth, it’s called “intangibles”. Sound is only one of our senses. Seeing is the next important sensibility and in the context of both a sound and sight interview something magical can happen. Enthusiasm is something that is better seen than heard. I’ve had lots of people tell me I’m enthusiastic in an interview but in a phone interview it’s harder to impart.

Sixth, company managers are more hard pressed for time than ever before. They should be looking at the best possible tool to make the hiring process both quicker and easier. Human Resources should be moving their managers toward Skype because of all the reasons I’ve mentioned. However, managers ought to be thinking about their time in both short and long term logic. In the short term a phone interview may seem the easiest and quickest way to talk to a candidate. However, taking a long term view – you want the right candidate and a Skype interview can get you there quicker.

Using Skype as an interview tool can create positive outcomes for hiring managers and save them time. That is unless you’re really into python tattoos.