Google’s New “Add-On” Features Store

On March 12, 2013, as reported by , Google announced that it is opening an online store where you can buy 3rd party applications that will work with Google Docs and Sheets. 

This involves the ultimate argument of Google Docs vs Microsoft Office business applications and features.  MS Office has been the standard for most businesses from small through enterprise for documents, spreadsheets, presentation software, and calendar. However, Google has made a few inroads on getting some businesses to use their products.  Also, Google seems to have an edge in the generational gap. 

I have looked at the battle from a more strategic perspective: Is Google really trying to overtake Microsoft with Google Docs or is Google just trying to stay close to the leader of the pack?

Three questions immediately came to my mind:

  1. Will Google’s new “Add-ON” features store close the gap between Google Docs and MS 365? 
  2. Does this signal that Google is looking to expand Google Docs via 3rd party developers vs internal Google resources?
  3. What’s the best development source for Google Drive — internal or external 3rd party resources?

Perhaps the public will decide through their usage of either product as a favorite.  Perhaps time will tell.

I have stated that I thought Google would concentrate on its core business of search and advertising.  How much of their resources are they willing to put into a concerted effort to overtake Microsoft in the core business applications market?

I can tell you that I have at least two friends / business associates that feel Google has a strategy to take over the business applications business sector from Microsoft.

What are your thoughts?

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